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Sherry Maysonave

Casual Power:: How to Power Up Your Nonverbal Communication & Dress Down for Success

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ISBN: 1880092484
Издательство: Bright Books (TX)
What are you saying before you speak a word? Does your nonverbal communication limit your effectiveness? In this enlightening guidebook, Sherry Maysonave shows you precisely how to commnad respect, inspire trust, and project personal power when you dressdown for business. She emphasizes the silent but potent - nonverbal aspects of clothing, demeanor, and body language. She reveals how nonverbal factors determine the responsse you receive from others factors that impact your ability to maximize success. Sheery Maysonave puts an end to the confusion that surrounds casual attire in the workplace and social invitations requesting casual dress. In this groundbreaking book, she decodes the confusing catchall term "casual." For varied occasions, Sherry explains and clarifies two primary questions: 1) How dressed down is too casual? 2) How dressed up is not casual enough? Using fascinating case studies, Sherry exposes the personal saboteur that works behind the scenes to undermine...