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Communication Styles

ISBN: 1886806187;
Издательство: Wilson Learning Corp

Each of us has a comfort zone-a pattern of behaviors that arise out of our experiences and become habits. Our habits are ways of behaving that have become familiar through repetition, and we become comfortable doing things in certain ways. Behavior that is comfortable for us and for others is usually predictable, and the term we use to describe a consistent set of behaviors is style. Our style represents our comfort zone-how others see us as most frequently and most comfortably behaving. Communication Styles is a self-assessment questionnaire that provides insight into a person's observable style. Each style offers strengths and challenges in interpersonal relationships, and everyone gains by understanding all four. After answering a series of questions, you will determine where your style is positioned on two measurable dimensions: assertiveness and responsiveness. The booklet includes a detailed description of each of the four styles: Amiable, Analytical, Driver, and Expressive. ...

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