Обложка книги Coping With Corporate Campaigns : Patterns of Activist Intrusion

Coping With Corporate Campaigns : Patterns of Activist Intrusion

ISBN: 188329133X;
Издательство: Lukaszewski Group

The ?corporate campaign? has evolved into one of the more negative and destructive anti-corporate actions that can be taken against a business or high-profile organization. Labor activists, out of frustration with typical bargaining approaches, originally developed the technique. It first appeared as an identified strategy in the 1960s in an organizing campaign against J. P. Stevens, a textile manufacturer in the South. Today most activist organizations, NGOs, and religious activists use, participate in, or sanction such tactics. Corporate campaigns are part of a large and growing worldwide anti-business attitude. In this insightful monograph Mr. Lukaszewski describes corporate campaigns: what they are, how they work, who conducts them,typical activist tactics, corporate behaviors that trigger attack, Alinsky?s rules, and corporate preparation and response.

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