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James E. Lukaszewski

Current Crisis Communication Issues : Getting Your Boss to Buy Into Crisis Planning; Building a Crisis Response Plan That Works; When to Send Your Boss Out to Meet the Press; Managing The Lawyers; Managing The Violent Threat

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ISBN: 1883291178
Издательство: Lukaszewski Group
The first four articles in this five-part monograph provide insight and perspective into difficult and challenging crisis communication issues: 1. How do we get the boss to buy into crisis communications planning? 2. Is there a simple, direct, and positive crisis response planning process that works? 3. When do we send the boss out to meet the press (and how do we get him or her back again)? 4. How do we maintain our place on the consulting team when legal issues are involved? The fifth article deals with one of the most explosive topics facing corporate managers and communicators today: Managing the Violent Threat. Two invaluable, unique flowcharts are included: Civil Court Procedures and Criminal Court Procedures.
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