Обложка книги Don't Sabotage Your Success! Make Office Politics Work

Don't Sabotage Your Success! Make Office Politics Work

ISBN: 0970214308;
Издательство: Enlightened Concepts Pub.

If I am accomplishing my objectives...why am I not succeeding in my career? Most people believe that if they just do an outstanding job they will impress their superiors and through osmosis they will enjoy a strong secure relationship. This kind of thinking becomes the root of the most devastating career letdowns. Good work does not always equal a successful career. The reason? Some people have more power, influence, and accountability in the organization. The resulting hierarchical relationships can be more difficult to master than any other single component in one's career. Yet they are the key to creating professional success and happiness. Don't Sabotage Your Success! focuses on how you can build professional intimacy, reveals why we don't build trust in our business affiliations, and suggests ways to begin securing critical relationships.