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Nelson B. Winkless III

Elements of Business Communication: How to Get Along Until You Hire Specialists

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ISBN: 1552120813
Издательство: Not Avail
THE ELEMENTS OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATION (How To Get Along Until You Hire Specialists) is a practical handbook for generalists in business who must take practical action on a hundred daily communications tasks. Most companies are started by sales people, engineers, or other professionals with particular skills, who find themselves handling all sorts of work outside their own areas of expertise. In the months or years before they can bring in specialists to handle the different kinds of work, they must learn the ropes themselves, and do the best they can. This small handbook, by a writer who has lived through the process repeatedly, deals with practical matters from managing ad campaigns to selecting letterhead, and deciding how to cope with a newspaperstory attacking the company. This book does not tell you how to write an ad or a press release, but tells you why you might want to, lets you know what to expect when you do it, suggests who can help, under what circumstances. It...