Обложка книги How to Make a Million Dollar First Impression

How to Make a Million Dollar First Impression


ISBN: 0969499663;
Издательство: Goldman Smythe Business Class

How important is your first impression? It's crucial to anyone about to embark on a career change, working towards a promotion, or looking for a job. It's also vital to anyone in sales, customer service or marketing, or business professionals looking forclients. When we meet someone new, we instantly form an impression. Accurate or not, once this impression is stamped onto the psyche of another person, it is difficult if not impossible to alter. "How to Make a Million Dollar First Impression" is a powerful link to success that can help you land your next contract or job. You will get a wealth of tips and techniques that can help you feel confident in any business situation. You will zero in on information fast,with this compact, one-idea-per-page format. You will gain insights about what makes a positive impression, with quotes from "industry players." With 105 new ideas, this book gives you a quick and easy way to maximize your image in a minimum of time. How we present...