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Sandra Seagal, David Horne

Human Dynamics : A New Framework for Understanding People and Realizing the Potential in Our Organizations

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ISBN: 1883823072
Издательство: Pegasus Communications
Based on extensive research and field-testing involving over 40,000 people frommore than 25 cultures, Human Dynamics is a developmental system that demystifies the complexities of individual functioning and interpersonal interaction. It presents a powerful framework for understanding the distinct ways different people process information, learn, communicate, relate, manifest stress, maintain well-being, and develop as human beings. At the heart of Human Dynamics are the three universal principles we all share in different capacities--mental, emotional, and physical--fundamental threads that cross culture, age, race, and gender to unify us all. As we learn to appreciate our commonalities and differences, we can apply our new understanding in order to elevate team learning, strengthen organizational performance, and communicate more effectively. Human Dynamics has been adopted internationally by Fortune 500 companies--actual accounts from Intel Corporation and other...