Обложка книги In Good Company: How Social Capital Makes Organizations Work

In Good Company: How Social Capital Makes Organizations Work


ISBN: 087584913X; 9780875849133;
Издательство: Harvard Business School Press

Knowledge has always resided in organizations-but it wasn't until the Information Age put a premium on ideas that intellectual capital was recognized as a critical resource. Now, forces like technology, globalization, and the rise of free agency and virtual workplaces are bringing another form of "hidden" capital to the forefront. In Good Company is the first book to examine the role that social capital -a company's "stock" of human connections such as trust, personal networks, and a senseof community-plays in thriving organizations. Written by leading knowledge management experts Don Cohen and Laurence Prusak, this groundbreaking book argues that social capital is so integral to business life that without it, cooperative action-and consequently productive work-isn't possible. The authors help today's leaders understand the nature and value of social capital, suggest ways they can encourage and enhance it, and explore how they can protect this vital but increasingly...

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