Обложка книги Managing Meetings (INSTANT MANAGERS)

Managing Meetings (INSTANT MANAGERS)

ISBN: 0789424479;
Издательство: Dorling Kindersley Publishing

If all business meetings could happen as concisely and productively as this nifty little book dispenses advice, we wouldn't need a pocket-sized meeting planner like this in the first place. But, because most of us do, be glad that this 72-pager offerswhat it does--namely, smart secrets and strategies for getting twice as much accomplished in meetings, and in half the time--including how to decide if you need to call a meeting in the first place, and, if so, if you can make it a quick and informal one; prepare a meeting, from the participants and location to the agenda; get the most out of your attendance at a meeting, from making sure that you're seen and heard to practicing "active listening" and taking good minutes; chair a meeting effectively by maintaining pace and order, problem-solving, and evaluating your own skill as a chairperson. On every page, boxed tips, handy checklists, and mini case studies bring all of the advice to life. Granted, if you're looking for very...

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