Обложка книги McGraw-Hill's Big Red Book of Resumes

McGraw-Hill's Big Red Book of Resumes

ISBN: 0071401954; 9780071401951;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books

A PAPERBACK ORIGINAL Resumes designed to force open the door and land the reader a job in today's most sought-after fields Job seekers face stiff competition in today's competitive career-search battleground. McGraw-Hill's Big Red Book of Resumes tips the scales in their favor, providing the best, most market-proven examples of resumes in every major field, from engineering, computer science, and law to education, social services, nursing, and dozens more. Selectedfrom thousands of professional resumes recently crafted by the experts at VGM­­among the world's most respected career books publishers for more than 30 years­­this collection shows readers how to create a resume that will dramatically increase their chances of getting noticed, interviewed, and hired. McGraw-Hill's Big Red Book of Resumes features hot-button words and formats used by professional resume writers to target today's most popular jobs and is...