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Edith Hope Fine, Judith Josephson, Edith Fine

More Nitty-Gritty Grammar

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ISBN: 1580082289
Издательство: Ten Speed Press
Tired of mixing up "effect" and "affect"? Do apostrophes baffle you? Never sure if it's "Antonio and I" or "Antonio and me" who "bring cookies to Carmen"? (Wait! Is it "take cookies"?) Once and for all, put such grammar riddles to rest. With this cartoon-filled, A to Z grammar guide in hand, you can sidestep common bloopers, untangle your mixed metaphors, and corral those dangling modifiers. Featuring the same winning formula of wacky cartoons, off-the-wall examples, and catchy reminders as its prequel, NITTY-GRITTY GRAMMAR, this comprehensive, humorous handbook covers grammar basics, plus more advanced language and usage topics, specific grammar terms, and other complex conundrums. It's perfect for schools, businesses, families--for people of all ages who want to polish their writing and speaking skills.