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David?M.??? Fisher

Optimize Now (Or Else: How to Leverage Processes and Information to Achieve Enterprise Optimization (And Avoid Enterprise Extinction

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ISBN: 0595298370
Издательство: iUniverse
Companies are often their own worst enemies. Work is performed in disconnected functional and geographic silos, making it impossible to achieve end-to-end effectiveness. Optimal decision-making is impeded due to our overwhelming lack of quality information. In Optimize Now (or else!) , David Fisher identifies the source of many of these problems and attacks them at their core. He explores the critical importance of processes and information that represent both the root of the problems and the greatest opportunity for dramatic improvement. Fisher introduces new leadership in the Chief Process and Information Officer and in the Process and Information Department, and specifies how to position these roles for enterprise-wide success. Fisher presents the Enterprise Optimization Framework, an innovative, metric-driven decision-making framework, to ensure decisions are no longer based on "gut feel" but rather on quantitative expected outcomes. He explores the do's and don'ts...
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