Обложка книги Resumes for Dummies, Fourth Edition

Resumes for Dummies, Fourth Edition


ISBN: 0764554719;
Издательство: For Dummies

Over the past decade, resumes have undergone dramatic changes in how they are submitted to recruiters. Technology advances have redefined the recruiting industry. It started with electronic resumes that had to be “scannable” using OCR software. Then resumes began their frenzied dart across the Internet, where, to assure safe arrival, they came dressed in the pedestrian garb of plain text (ASCII) embodied within e-mail. But now, change is upon us once again. The handsome resume made portable has made its return, and there is an emergence of online screening quizzes that determine whether your resume is accepted by recruiters and employers or buried at the bottom of the pile. The fourth edition of Resumes For Dummies is for anyone who needs to discover what works and what doesn’t work when representing their work history with a resume. No matter what your experience, set of circumstances, or familiarity with resume writing, this clearly written,...