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Allan J. Kimmel

Rumors and Rumor Control: A Manager's Guide to Understanding and Combatting Rumors

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ISBN: 0805838767
Издательство: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
This book sheds light on the often perplexing phenomenon of rumor and offers a blueprint for preventing and neutralizing rumors in business contexts. Author Allan J. Kimmel explores the rumor phenomenon and distinguishes it as a unique and distinct formof communication. He examines the psychological and social processes underlying rumor transmission to clarify the circumstances under which people invent and circulate rumors. He also investigates the ways in which rumors are spread, offers strategies for responding to rumors when they surface, and suggests methods for preventing their occurrence. Numerous examples of actual rumor cases illustrate how managers coped with damaging rumors--either successfully or unsuccessfully--at Procter & Gamble, McDonald's, Snapple, Pepsi-Cola, Gerber, and other organizations. An essential, practical guide with a strong theoretical foundation, this book provides: - a straightforward and comprehensive assessment of the forces that give rise...
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