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Clare Hall, Colin Scott, Christopher Hood

Telecommunications Regulation : Culture, Chaos and Interdependence Inside the Regulatory Process

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ISBN: 0415199492
Издательство: Routledge
Much has been written on telecommunications regulation, but little has been written on the actual processes used in regulation. Using unprecedented access to the key actors inside the UK Office of Telecommunications (OFTEL), this book tells for the firsttime how telecommunications regulation works on the inside. It provides a novel insight into the dynamic process of regulation in the United Kingdom - a pioneer in the development of regulatory institutions and practices. It includes a significant re-evaluation of key regulatory issues including: * the importance of culture in the decision-making process * the role of information in regulation * the interdependence of regulators with others * accountability * the comparative roles ofindividuals and organisations within regulation. Drawing on direct observation the book highlights the importance of cultural and social variables, alongside the more recognised parameters of legal and economic conditions in...