Обложка книги The Columbia Guide to Online Style

The Columbia Guide to Online Style

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ISBN: 0231107897; 9780231107891;
Издательство: Columbia University Press

Students, teachers, librarians, and researches who use online sources face new questions when writing footnotes or bibliographic entries for their papers and dissertations. On the Internet, sources change, move, and sometimes disappear, yet users must beable to cite informations accurately in order to maintain credibility. In response to the needs of her students and herself, Janice Walker created the Walker/ACW Style Sheet in 1994, posted it on the web, and received an overwhelming response. The Walker Style Sheet was endorsed by the Alliance for Computers and Writing and was hailed by Newsweek as "a good stop gap." Internet World called it "the most authoritative version" and the "most frequently accessed styleguide on the net," and the Chronicle of Higher Education and USA Today have both cited Walker's work in recent articles. Now Walker and Taylor have expanded the original style sheet into a comprehensive yet user-friendly guide. In...

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