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James E. Lukaszewski

The Tactical Ingenuity Pyramid Thinker's Manual (includes a Tactical Ingenuity Pyramid)

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ISBN: 1883291356
Издательство: Lukaszewski Group
ABSTRACT The Tactical Ingenuity Pyramid © (TIP) is a strategic THINKING TOOL developed to help managers and their communications advisors creatively anticipate, identify, analyze, interpret, control, and counteract the unplanned visibility caused by emergencies and vulnerabilities in their businesses. The pyramidal shape itself has a purpose -- to graphically and in three dimensions illustrate the strategic options needed for managing problems. The idea is based on an important assumption: that experienced communications practitioners and managers can use the Pyramid to draw out their intuitive skills. When assembled, the Pyramid serves as a focusing object designed to trigger intuitive approaches stimulated by the random associations madein connection with the organization of the descriptive terms found on its various parts. The Pyramid?s lower portion is divided into those four basic, two-dimensional elements every emergency situation seems to have. These...
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