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Mary J. Cronin

Unchained Value: The New Logic of Digital Business

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ISBN: 0875849377, 9780875849379
Издательство: Harvard Business School Press
You Can't Build Digital Businesses with Industrial Age Models The Internet Revolution has been broadly advertised-yet despite the onslaught of warnings about what companies need to do to transform themselves, most corporations, large and small, remain completely unprepared for the long-term demands of the digital economy. While they publicly embrace e-everything, most managers have done little more than patch Web initiatives onto their existing business structures as online start-ups boldly claim the electronic marketspace. In Unchained Value , Internet expert Mary Cronin argues that these corporations will fail at e-business as long as they continue to use the traditional value chain as the strategic model for the enterprise. She introduces a radically new model for organization she calls the digital value system -focused not on static, internally focused "chains" but on dynamic, external webs of relationships that take full advantage of the power,...