Обложка книги Understanding Body Language (Barron's Business Success Series)

Understanding Body Language (Barron's Business Success Series)


ISBN: 0764119516; 978-0-7641-1951-4;
Издательство: Barron's Educational Series

Here is detailed and practical advice on interpreting the body language of fellow workers, superiors, and clients in various settings relating to business, management, and sales. A person's often unconscious gestures, facial expression, and body posture are frequent indicators of sincerity, uncertainty about details, evasiveness, and other things that aren't expressed verbally. Understanding body language is vital in influencing business associates, closing sales, and virtually all other activities related to business. Barron's Business Success Series offer career-minded men and women practical methods for success along with sound advice that applies to all levels of management in the business and corporate world.