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Mark Williams

Your Identity Zones: Who Am I? Who Are You? How Do We Get Along (Capital Ideas for Business & Personal Development)

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ISBN: 1931868905
Издательство: Capital Books (VA)
From the author of "The 10 Lenses" ? a more advanced system for "reading" ourselves and enriching our relationships with friends, families, colleagues and communities. In today?s global workplaces and rapidly changing society, we need the confidence to interact with all kinds of people. This challenge requires bridging a vast array of differences ? differences in values, life priorities and cherished beliefs, as well as affiliations such as race, cultural background, religion, gender and sexual orientation, class and socioeconomic status, education, profession, and marital and parental status. In this ground-breaking new book, acclaimed diversity expert Mark Williams challenges us to understand ourselves and others by mapping our "identity zones". He presents a system for understanding the values and affiliations of those with whom we interact ? both in the workplace and in our personal relationships?to minimize the risks of costly "blowouts" and maximize...