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Larry Stephen, Ph.D. Clifton

Your Platform Is The World: How To Celebrate Interpersonal Communication Through Vocation, Education, Inspiration, and Recreation

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ISBN: 1885640455
Издательство: Arrowhead Classics Limited
All persons, in whatever occupation, use interpersonal communication. Mistakes occur because the proper conduction of message and reception among speakers and listeners is marred through verbal and physical (1) inattention, (2) disrespect, (3) mismanagement, and (4) ambiguity. Because we talk, discuss, argue, and debate among ourselves at home, at play, and at work, communnication is an obvious necessity for both personal and professional growth and strength. The mastery of making one's words effective to another is vital. This book demonstrates how these problems may be avoided through the demonstration of proper speech making techniques and interactive discussion. Though packed with information, that is both practical and theoretical, thereader will discover that the lessons revealed will not only improve communication in work and play, but will increase their enjoyment of life and substantially increase their income.
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