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Bert Decker

You've Got To Be Believed To Be Heard : Reach the First Brain to Communicate in Business and in Life

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ISBN: 0312099495
Издательство: St. Martin's Griffin
Are you uncomfortable--even afraid--about the prospect of speaking before a group of people? Do you have trouble getting your message across? When you speak, do others listen--or can you feel their attention wandering? Effective communication is essential in business and in everyday life. The most powerful communicators reach not just our minds, but our hearts: They win our trust. You can learn to impress and persuade other people by following Bert Decker's program in You've Got you BeBelieved To Be Heard . Decker trains over 10,000 professionals each year in the art of communicating. In this book, he distills his expertise into a fresh new approach to speaking, with examples and how-to exercises that anyone can follow. Spend a few evenings with his book, and you will discover how to win the emotional trust of others--the true basis of communicating in any situation. How to conquer "stage fright" How to inject dynamic energy into your voice ...