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Kurt Wright, Donn Bruns

Breaking the Rules, Removing the Obstacles to Effortless High Performance

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ISBN: 0961438339
Издательство: CPM Publishing
Breaking the Rules is both an intensely personal self-improvement book and a business management book. On the self-improvement side it is a personal guide for discovering what you are like at your very best and how to be that way more often. It offers a complete system of self-understanding based on the premise that being at your best is your natural state, and one you could be enjoying more often if you weren't doing so much to interfere with it. The author invites readers to join him in a discovery learning process that reveals how to stop interfering and learn to tap into and begin to work with the natural guidance that is readily available through your inner intuitive knowing. A complete description is furnished for how real-time access toyour intuition can be easily achieved when your intuition is being supplied with properly framed questions. Breaking the Rules proposes that: 1) Being at your best cannot occur until you gain real-time access to your...