Обложка книги Heart Attack Survivor: A Field Guide

Heart Attack Survivor: A Field Guide

ISBN: 0971278806;
Издательство: Crow Publishing

Heart attack survival means actively creating more opportunities to change your approaches to life. To live free of additional stress and fear you have to know whether any of the physical activities you have enjoyed all of your life are causing you to "flirt with cardiac arrest." You must change the "Type-A personality" behaviors and attitudes while you have time to do so. This book is about how to live a life free from the stress, fear, anger, negative feelings, and other unresolved lifestyle challengesthat contribute to heart attacks. In this book, you will discover how to: See your heart attack as a second chance at life. Create revolutionary ways to change personality flaws which are making you susceptible to heart attacks. Engage the power of laughter, meditation, imagination and balance to heal yourself from within. Break the grip of feelings of loss and denial after heart trauma. To establish new stress reduction techniques to live a fuller life. ...