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Kevin Fosnocht

Living Longer Working Stronger: Simple Steps for Business Professionals to Capitalize on Better Health

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ISBN: 1587623560
Издательство: Aspatore Books
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionThe statistics are alarming; the figures are staggering. Excellent physical and mental health are the foundational building blocks for a strong body and an agile mind, while poor health is an overwhelming cause for serious illness and untimely demise. Recognizing the direct correlation between the health of one's body and the health of one's career doesn't always come naturally for executives. However, it is tremendous the extent to which the daily stresses of the business, the failure tomaintain a proper diet when traveling, and endless intense hours behind the desk, all weigh on one's health. Living Longer Working Stronger offers practical, real suggestions and advice around living a healthy life and being able to enjoy a long career. From suggesting dietary modifications, to methods for getting sufficient, quality rest, this title pulls readers through understandable and feasible steps to making life changes. Such changes will serve not only to promote longevity...