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Christopher R. Malburg

All-In-One Business Planner: How to Create the Plans You Need to Build Your Business (Adams Expert Advice for Small Business)

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ISBN: 1558507574
Издательство: Adams Media Corporation
Business plans that really work! Every business needs a strong plan for success. One that outlines goals, develops strategies, and plans for both the best and the worst. Based upon real-world situations, the All-In-One Business Planner shows you how to create plans for any area of the new business, including: * Setting company goals-the backbone of your business plan * Monitoring sales-covers all aspects of an effective sales plan * Controlling purchases-evaluates risks and prepares proposals * Forecasting labor expenses-wages, salaries, reviews, and more * Writing the business plan itself-incorporates department plans and company goals ...Plus much more! Based on real-world success stories! With over seventy explanations of planning techniques that have worked in hundreds of organizations of all sizes the All-In-One Business Planner can streamline the process for your business and guide it to the success you've been seeking. Not...
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