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Stephanie Winston

Getting Out from Under: Redefining Your Priorities in an Overwhelming World

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ISBN: 0738203246
Издательство: Perseus Publishing
From the best-selling author of Getting Organized, an enlightening yet practical program for restructuring your life to meet the conflicting demands on your time "I should read more, I should work out three times a week, I should be able to see my child's soccer games, I should be able to do it all." Sound familiar? With a growing list of priorities to shuffle in an inflexibly short time frame and burgeoning affliction of guilt and disappointment at not being able to handle everything perfectly, Americans are longing for a prescription for relieving the pressures of an overwhelming world. Stephanie Winston, master of home and office efficiency, has devised such a plan. Getting Out from Under will help you create an oasis of time and space in which to take a longer, more discerning look at the cross-purposes at work in your over-extended life. Whether Stephanie Winston helps you create a little breathing room in your hectic day or galvanizes you to start to make wholesale...
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