Обложка книги Planning Life's Projects: A Scientist's Approach

Planning Life's Projects: A Scientist's Approach

ISBN: 1587360497;
Издательство: Hats Off Books

This is a book about actions. It explores many practical aspects of the idea that each of us is defined as a person by our deeds, not by our words. Its goal is to describe, in a simple way, how each of us can plan our own actions, within larger programs of action called projects, to make each stage of life more whole and more meaningful. In large measure, each stage of life consists of its own particular set of life projects. This book calls them life projects since, taken together, they define a person's life, in terms of contribution and values, almost completely. There are surprisingly few books that carefully address both the practical and the deeper aspects of planning life's projects. This book can be of special value to those readers whose turn of mind includes an interest in the practical planning of your own projects, a desire to see each of your actions as part of a broader picture, and a determination to carry responsibility for defining your own path.