Обложка книги The 25 Hour Woman (R)- Managing Your Time and Life

The 25 Hour Woman (R)- Managing Your Time and Life

ISBN: 0800714873;
Издательство: Baker Book House

You can't make sense and order out of your day unless you first make sense of your life. This is the crux of The 25-Hour Woman ®. Many people struggle with the tension they feel between all the things they have to do, or even want to do, and the limited time they have in which to do them. And, much of the time they end up living according to pressures rather than priorities. In The 25-Hour Woman ®, Sybil Stanton asks the questions: * Are the things you're doing now fulfilling your purposein life? * Is your endless to-do list really necessary? * Is there a way off this treadmill of activity that can help you function more happily and effectively? With an appealing combination of wit and common sense, this author takes her readers through the steps of life planning, showing how to: * Do less and get more done * Avoid feeling victimized by conflicting demands * Relax without feeling guilty * Be better disciplined yet more flexible * Say...