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Vince Panella

The 26-Hour Day: How to Gain at Least 2 Hours a Day with Time Control

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ISBN: 1564145808
Издательство: Career Press
Vince Panella is the world's foremost proponent and teacher of Time Control, a unique blend of success development and time management skills. Now his revolutionary methods are available in book form for the first time. A book that will actually teach you how to gain at least two to four more profitable, productive and enjoyable hours a day at work and at home. By focusing on behaviors over organizational skills, it shatters the fallacy of traditional time management and gives you the specific skills necessary to massively leverage your time. Every business and career professional trying to find more profitable and productive time at work and a more balanced and enjoyable time at home can benefit from these proven time-management techniques. This book will, as the author declares, "help you gain control of yourself. Do that, and you can fully control your time. Control your time, and you control your destiny."
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