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Paul Meldrum, Kirk Atkinson

The Busy Fool Meets Father Time: Time Management in the Information Age

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ISBN: 0968872301
Издательство: Hushion House Publishing Ltd.
The Busy Fool Meets Father Time is a fable in the tradition of The One Minute Manager and The Wealthy Barber. Taking a working vacation from his more cosmic duties, Father Time visits Earth to try to restore calm to the frenetic pace of the Information Age. As his test case, he takes on Stu and Mary Meldorph, two upwardly mobile and somewhat overwhelmed professionals who have two young daughters. Using humor,confrontation and flattery, FT, as he calls himself, helps Stu and Mary deal with the diverse array of demands on their time at work and at home. They (and readers)learn practical techniques that enable them to stay focused, get comfortable saying "No," and to balance their personal and professional lives. The Busy Fool Meets Father Time is a quick and amusing read, loaded with useful ideas.
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