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George Lawrence-Ell

The Invisible Clock: A Practical Revolution in Finding Time for Everyone and Everything

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ISBN: 0971539693
Издательство: Kingsland Hall Pub
Have you had any of these thoughts in the past week? I wish I had more time. I don't have time for that. I'm running out of time. This is a waste of time. This is taking too much time. I need more time. Sound familiar? For most of us, juggling too much to do with not enough time in which to do it is a painful, exhausting reality. But out of the cacophony of conflicting advice on scheduling and multi-tasking emerges a resonant voice that goes to the root of our problem with time and offers a fascinating new solution. In this revolutionary book, George Lawrence-Ell looks past superficial approaches to time management and illuminates the very essence of what time is and how we actually experience it. With questions and illustrations as a guide, he takes us on a scintillating journey through our assumptions about clock time, how we actually feel time pass, and ultimately leads us to a practical model we can all use to become time's master instead of its...
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