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Bodil Jonsson, Tiina Nunnally

Unwinding the Clock: (title page only) Ten Thoughts on Our Relationship to Time

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ISBN: 0156007606
Издательство: Harvest Books
Swedish physicist Bodil Jonsson has spent several decades thinking about the opportunities and problems facing human beings in modern times. From a scientific standpoint, we now lead longer lives than ever before, yet many of us feel that we don't have enough time to accomplish everything we want to do. Technological developments, such as high-speed travel, cell phones, computers, and the Internet would seem to save time, but as the speed and pace of our society increases, we all feel that we have much less than we need. By combining her knowledge of science with common sense and a woman's unique perspective, Jonsson provides an interesting view of contemporary life and the toll it takes on our bodies and minds. Encouraging us to look forward rather than being nostalgic about the past, Jonsson offers concrete suggestions for preserving our humanity while working and living in the fast lane. With great wisdom and gentle humor, Unwinding the Clock ultimately shows...
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