Обложка книги Managing God's Time: Personal Effectiveness Improvement

Managing God's Time: Personal Effectiveness Improvement

ISBN: 1579217265;
Издательство: Winepress Publishing

Book DescriptionHave you been striving to please man? Succeed in Life? Manage your time and get your priorities straight? Now you can stop doing all those things and enjoy the freedom that comes from only doing what God wants done in His timing. Gone will be debilitating and negative thoughts from phrases such as "I have no time" and "I can?t do this!" You?ll discover that God grants you time and ability to do everything He calls you to do and that everything is possible through Christ whogives you strength. You?ll learn the P-Squares Decision Process along with the Attitude Sack and Medic Kit that provide the framework, tools and techniques for a renewed attitude. You?ll enjoy work, create time for your family, and benefitfrom My-Time. This biblical view of success frees you to become the person God wants you to be. Experience God?s grace, mercy, and peace as you begin tending to the important things in life rather than just reacting to the...

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