Обложка книги Selling by the Numbers (N)

Selling by the Numbers (N)

ISBN: 0595326889;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.

Book DescriptionMost selling books address a particular aspect of the process for you to focus on and improve your skill. It sounds great in theory but contains a fatal flaw. Each step in the process is inextricably connected to the others. That's why most selling books don't work very well. These books assume that a change in any single aspect of the selling process will still fit within the rest of your activity. Selling by the Numbers is a comprehensive and proven system that works whether you are new to a career in selling or trying to revitalize a stagnant career. You'll prepare, mathematically calculate, and implement all of the steps necessary from start to finish and become a master salesperson. You'll learn to build your skills from the bottom up including: Choosing the right prospects Getting your prospect to tell you what they really want. Maximizing the use of your time Communicating for maximum impact Overcoming even the toughest...