Обложка книги Time Management for System Administrators [ILLUSTRATED]

Time Management for System Administrators [ILLUSTRATED]

ISBN: 978-5-93286-090-8; 5-93286-090-1; 0596007833;
Издательство: O'Reilly Media, Inc.
Страниц: 226

Time is a precious commodity, especially if you're a system administrator. No other job pulls people in so many directions at once. Users interrupt you constantly with requests, preventing you from getting anything done. Your managers want you to get long-term projects done but flood you with requests for quick-fixes that prevent you from ever getting to those long-term projects. But, the pressure is on you to produce and it only increases with time. What do you do? The answer is time management. And, not just any time management theory - you want "Time Management for System Administrators", to be exact. With keen insights into the challenges you face as a sys admin, bestselling author Thomas Limoncelli has put together a collection of tips and techniques that will help you cultivate the time management skills you need to flourish as a system administrator. "Time Management for System Administrators" understands that an Sys Admin often has competing goals: the concurrent...