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T. Asada, T. Ishikawa

Time and Space in Economics

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ISBN: 4431459774
Издательство: Springer
Год издания: 2007
Страниц: 314
In August 2005, a small but important conference took place at Chuo University in Tokyo, Japan. This international conference, the Chuo Meeting on Economics of Time and Space 2005 (Chuo METS 05), aimed to enrich the respective disciplines of the economics of time (dynamic economics) and the economics of space (spatial economics) and to expand their applicability in the real world. The chapters contained herein are based on the papers presented at that conference. Part I of the book deals with Keynesian macrodynamics, which allows for the existence of involuntary unemployment; Part II focuses on nonlinear dynamics, with an emphasis on the complexity that is generated as a result of the nonlinearity of the system; Part III consists of an empirical analysis of spatial economics through geographical relationships with economic activity; and Part IV analyzes the effects of spatial competition between economic organizations or agents on economic performance in a region.
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