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Faith Popcorn

EVEolution : The Eight Truths of Marketing to Women

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ISBN: 0786865237
Издательство: Hyperion
AMERICA'S LEADING TREND FORECASTER AND BESTSELLING AUTHOR PREDICTS THE NEXT REVOLUTION IN AMERICAN BUSINESS: EVEOLUTION If men and women are different, why do we market to them the same way? Today, women make 80 percent of all purchasing decisions. The time has come, says Faith Popcorn, author of The Popcorn Report and Clicking, two bestselling books on consumer trends, for businesspeople everywhere to realize that you can't succeed in business without successfully marketing to women. Whether you make cornflakes or concrete, pillows or pixels, women should--no, must--be your chief target. Popcorn's prediction: within a decade, the companies that do the best job of marketing to women will dominate every significant product and service category. Popcorn calls this "EVEolution"--a trend that will redefine the way companies create profitable and lasting relationships with their key consumers--women. Using business case studies, cultural signals, statistical data, and in-depth interviews...
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