Обложка книги The Revolt of "Mother" and Other Stories

The Revolt of "Mother" and Other Stories

ISBN: 0-486-40428-5; 978-0-486-40428-8;
Издательство: Dover Publications
Страниц: 128

This excellent collection of eight short stories comprises some of Freeman's best work. Strong in character and conviction, her heroines are patient, self-reliant figures living in small New England villages. A farm wife in "The Revolt of "Mother" displays a stubborn resolve by moving into her husband's newly built barn when he refuses to build her a proper home. In "A New England Nun", a suitor returns after a fourteen-year absence to woo his fiancee, only to find she has long since become firmly entrenched in her own way of life. "Old Woman Magoun" tells the touching tale of a loving grandmother's desperate act to prevent her granddaughter from becoming a pawn in the hands of two men. "Gentian," "One Good Time", "The Selfishness of Amelia Lamkin", "The Apple-Tree", and "The Butterfly" complete an exceptional sampling of work by one of America's best-known women writers. Издание на английском языке.

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