Обложка книги Her Journey: Stories of Entrepreneurs

Her Journey: Stories of Entrepreneurs

ISBN: 0595166555;
Издательство: Writer's Showcase Press

Her Journey is a book about a phenomenon in the workforce that has caught the attention of many women in North America: entrepreneurship. For as many reasons as there are women who are becoming entrepreneurs, this practice currently enjoys a great deal of popularity. You may already be one of the many contributors to this way of doing business. Perhaps you are considering joining the ranks of the entrepreneur. Or maybe you are just curious about the reasons women seem drawn towards this idea of heading up their own businesses. You will meet four women entrepreneurs. Although their names have been changed these are real women with real lives and real experiences. While each of their stories is different, similar patterns weave in and out of each of their tales as owner/operator of their own businesses. The warp and woof of their entrepreneurial lives creates an existence for each of them that can best be described as a metaphorical journey. The use of the...