Обложка книги International Business:  A Basic Guide for Women

International Business: A Basic Guide for Women

ISBN: 0738839396;
Издательство: Xlibris Corporation

"Take the mystery out of doing business internationally. This handbook is a must for women and men who would like a little insight into the business customs around the world. There are helpful tips that will help the business traveler avoid embarrassing faux-pas." Sue Kelly Operations Manager, Cisco Systems "A must read for any woman who is trying to establish her credibility in global business relationships." Holly Howe Sr. Consultant Saba Software "International Business is a suitable guidebook for women on business etiquette and protocol worldwide. This easy to read book is suitable for the novice and expert business travels. Highlights in the book include tips on negotiating, business protocol, social etiquette and general tips for each region." Margaret Wysock Manager Integrated Communications IBM "International Business is the only book that looks at the unique issues that women face when conducting business in multiple regions of the world. This...