Обложка книги Maid in the USA: 10th Anniversary Edition (Perspectives on Gender)

Maid in the USA: 10th Anniversary Edition (Perspectives on Gender)

ISBN: 0415935415;
Издательство: Routledge

When it was first published, Maid in the USA was one of the first books to show the struggles of female and immigrant domestic workers in the United States. The book quickly became a landmark in the field as a startling original and critical overview of domestic workers that combined a race, class, and gender analysis. Both critically and popularly praised, Mary Romero's work brilliantly brings to light the complexity of the lives of domestic workers, most notably explaining the rise of Latinas and otherwomen of color into the ranks of domestic cleaners and maids. Through startling interviews with Latina private household workers, Romero provides a unique window into their working conditions, their relationships with their (mostly female and white) employers, and their personal lives. Romero also tells of her own experiences as a young woman working as a domestic alongside her mother and other members of her family. The exciting 10th anniversary edition of this classic work...