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Mary Cantando, Laurie Zuckerman

Nine Lives: Stories of Women Business Owners Landing on Their Feet

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ISBN: 0972952802
Издательство: Cantando & Associates
Nine Lives offers a candid look into the hearts and minds of nine extraordinary women business owners from around the country. There is Judy Rosenberg who, on a perpetual diet, grew up with a gnawing, aching sense of deprivation. The cookies she coveted, the cakes she savored?all seemed just out of reach. So what did Judy do when she grew up? She started a chain of bakeries driven by her pure appreciation for that which is self-indulgent and beautiful. And there is Rebecca Boenigk, the CEO of the only woman-owned business ever to trade on NASDAQ who found that the quarterly numbers "dance" wasn?t to her liking and bought her company back from the public market. "The stories the women told were awe inspiring, funny, mind boggling . .. and sometimes painful," Cantando wrote in the preface. "There were tough moments when the women opened up about still-raw details of their past Yet, time and again, these brave women said that they were willing to swallow...