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Joan Eleanor Gustafson

Some Leaders Are Born Women! Stories and Strategies for Building the Leader within You

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ISBN: 0970302614
Издательство: Leader Dynamics
"Some Leaders Are Born Women" invites women to build the leadership qualities within themselves. Through example after example of female leaders, the book explains how leaders can head businesses, be mothers, volunteer, start companies or work for charitable organizations or government. The book's stories of and by 37 female leaders, from all walks of life, illustrate the seven practices of leadership described by Ms. Gustafson: 1. Dare to dream. 2. Grow through challenge. 3. Set powerfulgoals. 4. Focus on the power and possibilities in people. 5. Communicate effectively. 6. Set high standards, and live accordingly. 7. Live your priorities. The women's stories resonate with honesty, hope, ideas, and success. It is a book for women beginning careers, for those celebrating motherhood and volunteerism, and for those rising in a chosen profession or contemplating a new venture.
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