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Nancy H. Bancroft

The Feminine Quest for Success: How to Prosper in Business and Be True to Yourself

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ISBN: 1881052621
Издательство: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
When women first moved into positions of authority in business, many found that they had to be "more male" than their male counterparts in order to succeed-but is that really success? This book tells how women can bring their whole selves, including their more feminine sides, to their careers and prosper in the business world. Nancy Bancroft describes the clear differences most women perceive between themselves and their male colleagues and offers practical advice for moving toward greater self-alignment and authenticity-a strategy critical to both success and fulfillment. The Feminine Quest for Success provides a unique picture of five different Success Strategies women use to be successful in the business world-The Emulator, The Trooper, The Balancer, The Seeker, and The Integrator. Bancroft gives numerous personal examples and shows how women have come to use these techniques on the road to personal fulfillment and professional success. Bancroft's practical...