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Michele Bolton

The Third Shift: Managing Hard Choices in Our Careers, Homes, and Lives as Women

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ISBN: 0787948543
Издательство: Jossey-Bass
Today's women work not one but three shifts: the first from nine to five, the second at home, and the third in their minds as they review the decisions and actions of the day. While the first and second shifts may be physically exhausting, the third shift can be psychologically rending because many women use it to second-guess their motives, doubt their choices, and question their trade-offs. Michele Bolton shows women how to turn the third shift into a source of self-awareness and self-confidence instead. Drawing from a three-year study of women in Silicon Valley and her own experiences as a working mother, Bolton explores the three most important dilemmas all women face, whether they're corporate executives, entrepreneurs, or full-time moms. She then presents women with a practical plan for facing these dilemmas, making the hard choices, and embracing their decisions.