Обложка книги Dress to Impress : How a Navy Blazer Changed My Life!

Dress to Impress : How a Navy Blazer Changed My Life!

ISBN: 1931863091;
Издательство: The Book Peddlers

Book DescriptionDress to Impress is an easy-to-read book for women on how to dress for the workplace. Upbeat and inspiring, the book offers a simple, sensible approach to this surprisingly complex subject. Author Joyce Nelson Shellhart explains how to dress for that crucial interview, what kinds of clothes are appropriate during the job, and how to dress in ways that will pay off in promotions. Based on personal experience, the book presents 18 "Secrets to Success" appropriate for every woman, regardlessof education, ethnicity, or economic background. Topics include how to tell day-wear from date-wear; shopping with - or without - a budget; clothes that flatter a full figure; developing a personal sense of style; optimizing accessories; organizing the closet; blending ethnic attire into the workplace; and more. Beck's artwork further enhances this entertaining book.