Обложка книги The Girls' Guide To Wealth

The Girls' Guide To Wealth

ISBN: 1581125062;
Издательство: Universal Publishers

Book DescriptionIt may not be polite to talk about money, but no-one said we shouldn't write about it. This accessible, humorous book is written to appeal to a broad spectrum of women irrespective of their age, lifestyle or level of financial awareness. This book is relevant to every woman who earns, or simply spends, money. This book aims to change the way women think about money - forever. Money provides protection. If you fall upon hard times, the money you have saved will support you. Money also provides freedom - freedom to travel, to educate yourself, to treat your family and friends. Making the most of your money, like everything else in life, is a matter of habit and discipline. This book aims to get you into the habit and give you that discipline. No matter how much money you have, this book will help you substantially increase your disposable income while maintaining your lifestyle. Two of the main causes of stress in life are financial debt and lack of funds to...

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