Обложка книги 5S for Operators: 5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace

5S for Operators: 5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace

ISBN: 5-903148-05-0; 1-56327-123-0;
Издательство: Productivity Press Inc
Страниц: 136

Operator books are based on the principles of adult learning to meet the reading needs of a shopfloor audience. Written at the appropriate reading level, these books are heavily illustrated with photos and drawings. The text is set up with one concept for every two to four pages so that it can be easily read in chunks; headers and assists in the margin make the significance of each section stand out. Each chapter summarizes main concepts and tools at the beginning and lists application questions at the end. This particular book presents the main concepts and tools from Hirano's 5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace . Hirano discusses how the 5S theory fosters efficiency, maintenance, and continuous improvement in all areas of the company, from the plant floor to the sales office. It explains why the 5S's are important and gives the who, what, where, and how of 5S implementation.